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 About this page…

Here you’ll find free evangelism and spiritual development resources that you can download by just clicking on the image.  A new window will open and the link will be in that window – click on it.   Also, we’ll feature links to various resources on EvanTell’s web site and some partner sites.  If you like this concept, please comment and tell us so.  It takes time to maintain this kind of page, so we won’t expand it unless you use it!

BTW, you are welcome to post a link to these resources on your in-house site, or for your church, as long as you protect our copyright by noting that the source of origin is either EvanTell, Inc.,, or EvanTell/SMSC, .

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Create Your 3-Word Testimony

Create Your Three Word Testimony – SMSC  Download this worksheet to help you create your testimony with the gospel embedded in it.  Using this approach you will share your testimony in a reasonable amount of time, while still ensuring that you have shared the gospel clearly, simply, and accurately!

Fruit of the Spirit, from EvanTell’s Current Toolbox

A colorful, attractive, and Biblically accurate table describing how the presence and work of the Holy Spirit is reflected in the life of a Christ-follower.  A great handout for volunteers and for your Sunday School classes (jr. high, teen, adult).

Fruit of the Spirit_thumb

EvanTell Blog

Use the EvanTell Blog to review tips and resources for evangelism – new items appear regularly from multiple EvanTell bloggers!

Evaluate Your Center’s Evangelism Competence
Use this PRC Evangelism Scorecard to determine if the staff and volunteers at the center know the important Bible verses and elements of the gospel.  If you think there’s room for improvement, consider free online training with downloadable student workbook, available from this SMSC site’s Training Tab.

PRC Evangelism Scorecard Thumb

 Sex Is A Lot More Than Fun – from Elizabeth Elliott

2 thoughts on “Free! Evangelism Resources

  1. I have just learned about your program and am very interested to learn more about it.
    Our Pregnancy Care Centre is located in Kamloops, BC Canada.
    I have noticed that all the trainings have been booked for the US, and for that reason perhaps my best avenue would be online training. Please advise on how to proceed.

    • So glad you contacted us. We’ll contact you directly to help you get started with Save the Mother, Save her Child. It is very good to begin by taking the online training yourself so you know that the theology and approach to working with clients is in alignment with your center’s preferences. If that’s the case, then you’ll want everything we have to offer – free materials, training, and webinars among many other things. More by email.

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