Welcome to the Save the Mother, Save her Child online training!

Two Part Training:

  1. ACT Personal Evangelism.  Four 20-minute sessions with downloadable workbooks.
  2. SMSC—Forty minutes of training including videos of evangelism in the PRC.  A downloadable workbook and Witnesses to the Life, a spiritual preparation for PRC ministry.

Note: ACT Personal Evangelism training is the prerequisite for SMSC training.

To Begin:

  1. Follow the “Register” button and sign up for the free online training.
  2. Once you have registered, follow the “Get Training” button to the Online Training Menu.
  3. Select the ACT Personal Evangelism training.  You can download the workbooks and take the personal evangelism training.
  4. Once you have completed ACT, go back to the Online Training Menu and select the SMSC training.

Continuing the Training?

Did you begin the training and now want to finish?  Are you ready to retake part of the training as a refresher?  Simply log in to the training website and choose which training you are interested in taking from the Online Training Menu. Note: You may retake the training as often as you like For more information about the training, go to pages 5-8 of the Welcome Guide.

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