Life Matters Worldwide 2017 Summit

This page and the downloadable presentations with notes pages are for 2017 Life Matters Worldwide Summit  attendees, who participated in either or both of the following sessions

6 Big C’s of Leadership
Mary Margaret Gibson, EvanTell, Presenter

  1. 6 BIG C’s PDF of Slides
  2. 6 Big C’s PDF of Notes Pages
    Audio is available from Life Matters Worldwide Summit for this presentation.

Authentic Life: Client Needs: God’s Answers
Mary Margaret Gibson, EvanTell, Presenter

  1. Authentic Life_Client Needs Slides
  2. Authentic Life_Client Needs 2 with notes

Audio is available from Life Matters Worldwide Summit for this presentation.

Use of this material is limited by copyright to use within the pregnancy center or ministry with which the Summit attendee is associated.

The attendee may make as many copies of the materials as there are participants at their pregnancy center or ministry, but may not duplicate the materials or the files for any other purpose or group without the specific permission of EvanTell.

For permissions, please contact Mary Margaret Gibson,

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