Session 1: Love Came Down




This is Session 1 of the Prepared for Action Bible Study.  The
Introduction to this Study can be found under the menu item,
Prepared for Action.

Session 1 Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the mission, role, power, and methods of the Holy Spirit by studying His work in maturing believers in the book of Acts.

2. See our own maturity develop as we study the Holy Spirit’s work with Christ-Follower.

The complete list of all sessions and verses is available on Prepared for Action Introduction page.

Helpful TipsImportant Tips for Scripture Access
Scriptures are accessed from, and are from the New King James Version with occasional use of the New International Version, and New Living Translation.

Session Scripture references are available via hyperlink.  These references are shown at the beginning of the Context section of each Session and will open all the Acts and 1 Peter verses.

Verses from other books of the Bible will be accessible from a hyperlink in the paragraph where used.

To open Scripture text in a second window, copy the main Session Scripture links to the new window and open the texts there.

Observation - Understanding - Application

The approach to Scripture used in all
Sessions is:

First, Observation – What is happening?

Second, Understanding – What does the passage mean in context?

Third, Application – How should I apply this truth in my life?

If you will take the time to pray and answer the questions in this Session, you will certainly have a blessed discussion with your team!  Enjoy this wonderful revelation of the Holy Spirit’s immediate power and purpose for the apostles – and for us!

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