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OR Click HERE  AND THE PDF OF THE LESSON WILL OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW.. You can “Save As” or “Print” from that window.   When the next Session is posted, you will be able to do these same steps.  We first post a new session as a blog post in SMSC Blog.  Then, we will move previously posted lessons in order onto the Prepared for Action page on the Menu.
OUA imageThis Introduction Session of Prepared for Action! contains the rationale for why we feel this Bible Study is critical for SMSC Centers at this time.  The gospel and discipleship are so important that our effectiveness in Ministry is lost if the gospel is not shared.  And, once a person is a Believer, she never stops growing if she lets the Father guide her through the Holy Spirit.  Life is “simply amazing” to the New Creation who is learning to be a disciple!

Everything for this course will Prep Course Blockbe posted online.  Feel free to comment here – we’d like to share discussion with each other.  You can complete the study FREE.  The course is designed for either Group or Individual study.  

YouEasy Access Study TOols can start any time, and schedule the beginning of a new section whenever you like!  We will post Sessions two weeks apart, but if you feel three weeks suits your team better – go for it!

Feel free to duplicate as many copies of the study as you need for yourself individually, your Center, church, fellowship group, or adult Sunday School class.

We recommend that you have a simple Journal to use for your Study. You will likely discover elements of your own discipleship that the Holy Spirit is prepared to mature, if you are willing and ready for the joy of discovery!

We will use the New King James Version and the Hebrew/Greek Key Bible New International Version – NIV (1973, 1978, 1984) as the primary Biblical translations for Prepared for Action!   


The Prepared for Action! Session Material 

3 Reasons for This Bible Study The three good reasons we decided to write a Bible Study about God’s work in making disciples, and a list of helps that come from the work of God through the Holy Spirit in a Believer.

Introduction Session:  Watching God Work! This is the first session of the Bible Study

Lesson Structure and Method – Describes how we will Prepare for Action as we study The Acts of the Apostles with companion passages from I Peter, and other passages needed for context.

YOUR READING ASSIGNMENT for the Next Lesson.  Note:  Completing the first assignment, (to read the complete book of Acts for context) will take 2 weeks if you read two chapters per day.  Other session readings will take less time, but this foundation is very important.

Course Titles and Scriptures  – The complete list of Sessions and Scriptures is included in the first session material, and every session afterward, so you can always tell “where you stand” in the overall Prepared for Action! course.

– Your discussion questions should help you think about your own progress in Christian maturity.  Application of Scripture is specific and personal.  While you may enjoy hearing other participants’ insights, and you may receive benefit from them, the work of God for you is specific.  These questions focus on the first step in Application which is Self-Awareness!

Each Session will have Ponder and Pray Questions.  If you are in a Group Setting, focus on how the study helps you progress in one of the areas of discipleship discussed in the lesson.  It is wonderful to hear the work of God in people’s lives as we hear the ongoing “testimonies of growth” from our friends.

BIG IDEA – You may find that there really is a singular message for you in passages that you read.  Maybe something in our study material causes you to think in a new way.  Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind in that case, and record the Big Idea so that you can work on it more with Him.  Join and post your Big Idea on the Save the Mother Save her Child facebook group!

Prayer Points for the Session – Each session has 2-3 prayer points focused at the topics of the session.  A link is also provided to Prayer Power Ministries’ website for the Today’s Prayer Devotional.

Discipleship Tips Block

Each Session will include a sheet of Discipleship Tips that you can reproduce in color for your church or volunteers.

Other EvanTell Resources – Each Session will also have links to EvanTell resources, such as these two outstanding free articles.

White dove flying in the sky. Background with a text field.The Role of The Holy Spirit in Evangelism

Evangelism is impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit.  Take in the excellent thinking in this article!  Just click on the photo at right

5 Tips for Helping New Believers Find a Church


5 Tips for Helping New Believers Find a Church

One of the primary things to discuss with a new believer is the importance of fellowship with other believers in a local church. They need the church for corporate worship and training, fellowship, encouragement, spiritual growth, and a place to serve.   Just click on the photo at right.

31 Days as New Believer

31 Days to Living as a New Believer

Not free, but worth the money!  31 Days to Living as a New Believer is available for an 18% discount at the link provided.  Dr. Larry Moyer, CEO and Founder of EvanTell, wrote this encouraging 31 day devotional for  New Believers. You might want to pick up a copy to review as a possible discipleship resource for your Center or church.  These simple yet essential truths for Christian living will help any Believer revitalize their life for Christ and share the Good News.

You can reach Prepared for Action! author, Mary Margaret Gibson, at

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