Prepared for Action!

The Lord Grows Christ-Followers!

 Our new  Prepared for Action! Bible Study focuses on six powerful examples of discipleship-building in action.  EacTeacherh example reveals how God grew the disciples, through the Holy Spirit, to prepare them for His service.  His work with us will always be specific to us, just as it was for them, but there’s much to learn about the power and remarkable alignment of events, expectations, knowledge, and struggle that the Spirit uses to teach us.  

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We pray you will study with us, either in a group to share your ideas as God prompts you, or individually and contemplatively.  We have three spiritual goals in mind for how we hope God will use this Bible Study to help us all mature as followers of Christ:

1. We pray for encouragement and renewed reliance on the power of God through the Holy Spirit as we understand more about how life experiences, Scripture, and everyday tasks prepare each one specifically, so we can serve where God calls us.

2. We pray the Lord will reveal how and why He gave us certain assignments, as we matured in our faith, so we can realize how He walked with us individually.

3. We pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten us about our current assignments and areas in which we need to grow, as we study together.

We’ll study passages in the books of The Acts of the Apostles (Acts) and The First Epistle of Peter (1 Peter).  Peter is the initial central figure among the disciples after Jesus ascended to Heaven.  What God did with and through Peter is described in the first 12 chapters of Acts as Peter’s thinking, understanding, mission, and role matured.

Peter, the man who denied Christ, was restored by Jesus, and led the disciples of Jesus with the power the Holy Spirit provided to him – a fisher of fish became a great fisher of men!  We will look at Saul, a man focused on the wrong answer to the right question, and how God matured Paul for missionary service.  We’ll look at some disciples who demonstrated growth in Christian maturity, as Christ expanded His church from Jerusalem to “the ends of the earth.

We’ll study how prayer, and the Scripture, and God-directed experiences empowered disciples and guided their mission.  In short, we’ll learn about how we get our our marching orders as Christ-followers — and how the Holy Spirit helps us fulfill them!  We’ll be encouraged to focus on helping each other to:

  • Expect the Spirit of God in us to be active in our lives all the time.  We have His promised Helper as we live out the calling we have been given.
    “For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.” Acts 2:38
  • Join in community with other believers, sharing what we have, providing for each other with “gladness and simplicity of heart.”   (Acts 2:44-47, 4:32-37)
  • Be faithful to the word and truth of God as Peter was when he taught in the temple, in jail, and before the rulers and elders.  (Acts 3:11 – 4: 21)
  • Share the gospel wherever He places us, not necessarily where we expect to go in our life.  Even the apostle Paul was directed not to go where he wanted to go, but to make a holy detour directing him to a town where the gospel would flourish and he would find “reinforcements!”   (Acts 16:6-15)

Read the Plan for Action! Introduction Session  before you begin, and complete the first assignment!   Prepare to grow with us as we all understand more fully how the Lord builds our capability and capacity to serve!

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