SMSC Authentic Life Tools

NOTE:  You may download tools posted to this page.  You may make copies as needed for your center.  However, please honor our copyrights and do NOT publish these for use outside your center without our written permission.  Do not post them on any web site or blog.  We will post additional versions of any item marked “Draft.”  Return to this page periodically to get new or updated items.

authentic-life-logoPlease review the basic information about Authentic Life HERE.  

The first two Authentic Life SMSC Listen and Lead Tools are posted below. These tools were referenced in a session by Mary Margaret Gibson at the 2016 Care Net Pregnancy Center Conference.  

EvanTell’s Authentic Life Gospel Presentation video training module, Facilitator’s Guide, and final versions of Authentic Life Evangelism and Discipleship Tools will be published when the set of Authentic Life’s video training modules are completed and released on December 1.

IF YOU ARE A SMSC CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR, we strongly suggest that you take the lead in your center to become a Facilitator for Authentic Life.  To do that, your center should purchase the Authentic Life video training modules and Facilitator’s Guides.

Anyone using Authentic Life principles and materials in their center should study  “Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness” by Dr. Kathy Koch, PhD.  This book is essential information for anyone planning to use Authentic Life Tools.


The Client Core Needs Self-Assessment (survey) was not available to all the participants at Mary Margaret Gibson’s session at the 2016 Care Net National Pregnancy Center Conference.   We have posted the tool below and also a file teaching how to use the Self-Assessment.   Both are in English only to date.

Client Core Needs Self-Assessment.  We referred to this sheet in the session as a  “client survey.”   At the top of the page is a paragraph explaining the use of this tool.  This information is for center use.  There’s a line across the page that separates the client portion from the center portion.

Purpose:  This tool was created to help gather core needs information at the time of intake to enhance communication with the client by focusing on her specific needs.  Her completed survey can also provide core needs information to a person who may have spiritual discussions with the client.  The goal is to be helpful to the client in ways that are most valuable to HER, not some mythical person, but the one with whom you are talking.

This tool is helpful to a client advocate, counselor, nurse, or any person having spiritual conversations with a client.  Adaptable to any center operational approach.

Cut and paste the client “survey” portion of the document and place it on attractive paper or a card that has your center logo and information on it.  Make enough for lots of clients.

A copy of the survey will be completed by each client at the time she/he fills out the intake form(s), but it should be separate and NOT made a part of the HIPPA-compliant materials.  You may use this tool with any client.

The Client Core Needs Self-Assessment (automatic download)

Tool 2: How to Use the Client Core Needs Self-Assessment

This is a detailed explanation of how to Listen and Lead using the Client’s Self-Assessment (survey) to guide the conversation.  Please read the entire document in the context of your study of “Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness,” by Dr. Kathy Koch.

Purpose:  This tool is the key to understanding whether items on the Client’s Self-Assessment are positive or negative as they relate to Core Needs.  This tool also uses the Client’s “survey” responses to Guide Conversations as you Listen and Lead.

How to Use the Client Core Needs Self-Assessment (automatic download)

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