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authentic-life-logoEvanTell, Inc. and Celebrate Kids, Inc. Launch New Core Needs Focused Pregnancy Center Training

We are profoundly thankful to announce the completion and launch of Authentic Life Training for faith-based Pregnancy Centers.  Authentic Life training will expand and enrich any pregnancy center’s abilities to communicate with and serve millennial women, men, and families, and upcoming generations.

Authentic Life is the culmination of an almost three-year collaboration of two ministries, Celebrate Kids, Inc., and EvanTell, Inc.  Both ministries are dedicated to the God of the Bible, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the discipleship of believers.   Training in the Authentic Life courses is provided by:  Dr. Kathy Koch, Ph.D., founder and President, Celebrate Kids, Inc., David Souther, President, EvanTell, Inc.,  and Mary Margaret Gibson, Ministry Director of EvanTell’s Save the Mother, Save her Child (SMSC) ministry.

al-usb-drive-imageAuthentic Life Training is now available for purchase and includes the following in an accessible format on the Authentic Life thumb drive.

The drive contains all of the following for easy access, presentation, and copying for training sessions.

  • Introductory “How to” Information for center Facilitators to guide preparation for training in their center.  Centers will enjoy Authentic Life support services through a private Facebook Group, phone conferences, and webinars to aid Facilitators if questions arise in implementation.
  • A Complete Glossary of Terms organized both for Alphabetical and Session of First Use.
  • Six Video Training Sessions by Dr. Kathy Koch, Ph.D. – including Facilitator’s Guides and Participant Pages. See “More About Core Needs” below for more information about Core Needs topics.
    Session 1 – Introduction – Core Needs overview
    Session 2 – Security
    Session 3 – Identity
    Session 4 – Belonging
    Session 5 – Purpose
    Session 6 – Competence
  • Four Training Sessions by Mary Margaret Gibson  with Facilitator’s Guide and Participant materials.
    Session 7 – Presenting the Gospel in the Context of Core Needs – Features “God Is On Your Side!” for sharing the gospel with Biblical accuracy using contemporary language.   There is a description of the Authentic Life evangelism and discipleship materials, “God’s Gift to You”.  A sample pack of these materials is shipped with the Authentic Life thumb drive.
    Session 7A – Core Needs Assessment and Open-Ended Questions –  A simple approach that can be used in a counseling setting, or as a resource for open-ended questions. Helps clients consider their Core Needs and aids advocates in understanding  a client’s specific needs. This session guides integration of Core Needs into client/advocate conversation.
    Session 7B – Authentic Life Core Needs Conversational Transitions –  A unique approach to help a client recognize the role that Core Needs, emotions, and God play in her life, building self-awareness and confidence.
    Session 7CAuthentic Life Three-Word Testimony Worksheet  Teaches any worker in a pregnancy center how to create and share her/his personal testimony based on the Core Need(s) God used to draw the person to Himself.

Order Authentic Life Training and Materials:
You may order Authentic Life Training now at the Celebrate Kids Store  for a single lifetime price of $350.00.  Order copies of Dr. Koch’s book, Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness at the Celebrate Kids store, too.  Authentic Life evangelism and new believer discipleship materials are available at the EvanTell Store. 

partnersYou may partner with us in Authentic Life!  If you love to help others and you love the gospel, please consider partnering with us to distribute Authentic Life to pregnancy centers everywhere.  Please go to our EvanTell Project Page and donate what you can to spread the news to young families everywhere!

More About Core Needs

Understanding Core Needs is a profound key to personal understanding. The longing for healthy security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence are common to all people – built into us by a loving God who longs to help us satisfy our deepest needs in relationship with Himself. Absent a relationship with God, people struggle in the world, often choosing inappropriate or unhealthy behaviors in the hope of satisfying these deep needs.

Dr. Koch’s book, Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness, describes the Core Needs in detail  and is the reference resource for Authentic Life.  The illustration below shows that our core needs relate to important life issues, and to each other.  Read more about core needs here Five Core Needs.


Authentic Life training enables informed, transparent, “heart connection” communication with people who may struggle with one of these issues and need emotional, physical, and spiritual support.  For more information, go to and click on “Learn more about Authentic Life for Pregnancy Resource Centers.”

In circumstances where serious conversation may be awkward for a person, discussing core needs helps a client think about why she or he may have chosen inappropriate ways to meet deep needs.  Conversation can unpack how the various services of the center can benefit her.  The grace of non-judgmental conversation can lead to important spiritual and emotional topics.  To support these topics, unique Authentic Life evangelism and discipleship materials and tools align with needs of millennial clients (ages 18-34), and the younger upcoming generation.

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