SMSC Results

Save the Mother, Save her Child strives to maintain accountability to both the Pregnancy Centers we work with and the donors and organizations who partner with us.

One way we do this is by using a monthly reporting form.  Centers within the SMSC program report once a month on some basic statistics; if a center is not reporting, they are ineligible to receive the free resources that we desire to distribute to them.

Another way we do this is by reporting our numbers.  The following is a brief report of these total numbers, which are described below.


Still Waters Pregnancy CenterTotal SMSC Centers — 700 U.S. – 24 International

This is the number of enrolled centers in the Save the Mother, Save her Child program.


Trainings to share the gospel — Over 103,000 (As of 12/27/2014)

TrainingWe track this number two ways.  First, through the live and online training we offer and second, through the training materials we provide.  Thus, a “training to share the gospel” may represent someone going through the training, either online or in person, or it could represent a book or booklet that clearly demonstrates the process of how to share the gospel being provided for an individual.


Presentations of the Gospel — Over 1.1 million

iStock_000000422977SmallThe primary method of tracking this number is the through the use of materials containing a clear gospel message.  These materials are given to the client to take home, and follow-up in the center can result in the client being introduced to a local church and discipleship group.


photo 3 editedNumber of Babies Reported Saved (Born) by SMSC Centers — 44,411

in 2014, the first 4,000+ little ones saved in a SMSC-trained center made their way to KINDERGARTEN!  The number of little children starting school will increase every year.  Every year more of these little children saved from abortion will be headed off to school.  Many of these little ones llive in a Christian home because mom or dad trusted Christ as Savior at the center..

We try to keep these numbers current and up to date.  The ones reported here are the total numbers from the inception of SMSC in 2008 through December 27, 2014.

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