We will be updating the content and design of the Save the Mother, Save her Child site in July and August, 2018.    

 Book Your Regional Training for Fall & Winter, 2018!

You know how it is!  If we don’t get these Regional Trainings booked early, we can’t get them on your calendar.  If your center would like to  host a regional SMSC training for your area, please contact   The typical agenda is below.


Day 1:  SMSC Training for Center Staff and Volunteers – Covers these topics:
Why Evangelize?  –  Personal Conversational Evangelism  – How to Share the Gospel in a Conversation in pregnancy center ministry –   Testimony Development – Answering 10 Most Common Questions and Objections

Day 2: SMSC Certified Instructor training.   A SMSC Master Instructor typically teaches each Regional training so they can stay the second day to teach the approved Train-the-Trainer course for SMSC training.  Special tools are shared for creating great role-plays and transitioning secular conversations to the gospel with women facing personal hardship and loss, post-abortion challenges, and abuse.  SMSC Certified Instructor Training is the best opportunity to have a person equipped as an evangelism expert on your staff, who can also handle in-service and refresher training for your team and affiliated ministries.

SMSC Certified Instructors can also provide churches, women’s groups, and mission teams with Personal Evangelism training.  Don’t forget to have a male Instructor, for your Dad’s ministry, too!

If you would like to host a Regional Training please contact to receive a detailed agenda and the approach we use to set up Regional events.  We will call you to discuss your preferred dates and our available Master Instructors.





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