April, 2017 

Heartbeat International Conference – April 19 – April 21

SMSC Ministry Director, Mary Margaret Gibson and Dr. Julie Parton, SMSC Master Instructor will present a Conference Workshop entitled, “Addressing the Five Core Needs of Every Client”.  This session will help any person working with clients in a pregnancy center to understand how to enhance their communications with clients of all ages and backgrounds, based on the client’s Core Needs.  This enhancement to conversational discussion relates to physical, emotional, practical, and spiritual needs of your clients.    

 Book Your Regional Training for Fall & Winter, 2017!

You know how it is!  If we don’t get these Regional Trainings booked early, we can’t get them on your calendar.  If your center would like to be the host for a regional SMSC training for your area, please contact   The typical agenda is below.


Day 1:  SMSC Training for Center Staff and Volunteers – Covers these topics:
Why Evangelize?  –  Personal Conversational Evangelism  – How to Share the Gospel in a Conversation in pregnancy center ministry –   Testimony Development – Answering 10 Most Common Questions and Objections

Day 2: SMSC Certified Instructor training.   A SMSC Master Instructor typically teaches each Regional training so they can stay the second day to teach the approved Train-the-Trainer course for SMSC training.  Special tools are shared for creating great role-plays and transitioning secular conversations to the gospel with women facing personal hardship and loss, post-abortion challenges, and abuse.  SMSC Certified Instructor Training is the best opportunity to have a person equipped as an evangelism expert on your staff, who can also handle in-service and refresher training for your team and affiliated ministries.

SMSC Certified Instructors can also provide churches, women’s groups, and mission teams with Personal Evangelism training.  Don’t forget to have a male Instructor, for your Dad’s ministry, too!

If you would like to host a Regional Training please contact to receive a detailed agenda and the approach we use to set up Regional events.  We will call you to discuss your preferred dates and our available Master Instructors.


May 2017

Life Matters Worldwide Summit – May 17 – May 20

Mary Margaret Gibson, SMSC Ministry Director, will present two Workshop Sessions:

Authentic Life:  Client Needs – God’s Answers
God created every person with five core needs: Security, Identity, Belonging, Purpose, and Competence.  You’ll learn the relationship between core needs and how we choose to satisfy them in either healthy or unhealthy ways.  Consider ways to help a client make wiser decisions,  ask questions focused on HER core needs, and have a spiritual discussion with anyone based on their core needs.  Invaluable for working with Millennial and GenZ clients.  See All About Authentic Life above on the menu for more information.

GET IT DONE!  Six Big C’s of Christian Leadership
We lead every day – sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by accident!  If you want to do a top-notch job of leading a team in your church, pregnancy center, family, workplace, school, or civic group this session is for you!  You’ll leave with insight into how to plan your own leadership growth in the Six Big C’s!  For all levels of leaders who love the Lord, from beginners to seasoned execs.




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