Sanctity of Human Life: Wins and Challenges

iStock_000004701536XSmallThis weekend we will provide a short update to a group at church on some of the “Wins and Challenges” that we face in the spiritual conflict over the lives of God’s children, created in His image.  We do this in support of the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 15, 2017.    This remembrance centers on the value of the life of every person — unborn, infant, toddler, child, teenager, adult, senior — no matter their age, race, culture, gender, abilities or disabilities, capacity to produce, or physical condition.

Sunday’s handout will have some links, quotes, and images from Focus on the Family, Care Net, and EvanTell and our Save the Mother, Save her Child ministry for over 700 life-affirming pregnancy centers. You can access the handout, which covers a few of the topics, here at wins-and-challenges.  In our 10 minutes to address them, we have two objectives:

 1. Reinforce the truth that the spiritual battle for the lives of God’s children is a battle we can engage in every day on our knees.  Prayer, Scripture, and the gospel are powerful weapons in this battle.   We know that without God’s engagement: 

homeless-personNo homeless person  would receive help from organizations like the Salvation Army.

No prisoner would meet Jesus through a Bible study and learn how to live free, even though incarcerated, through free-on-insideorganizations like Prison Fellowship International.

Mom_NurseNo person facing an unexpected pregnancy would find accurate health information, practical help, the gospel, and the love of an authentic person, at a church or a pregnancy center.  (This link is from the American Association of Pro-Life OB/GYNs and has sub-links to major pregnancy center networks.)

military-familyNo veteran’s family would have a church to back them up when mom or dad is deployed.

No suicidal teen, whose loneliness is so deep that only death seems rational, would find a free Christian counseling center or HOPE LINE  waiting for their call.

glad-to-see-youNo sick, aged, disabled person would receive Biblical hospice care from caregivers who use a Biblical approach to support those who are dying or grieving the loss of a loved one.

 2. We hope to inspire folks to get involved in support of the lives of God’s children in their town. There are so many ways to serve that every Christ-follower, equipped with the gifts God gave him or her can be engaged somewhere! The people of the God of the Bible stand for good and life!  We care about protecting the unborn child of God because He loves them and us.

I pray many will join us, get involved, and encourage their family and friends in the fight for God’s image bearers at every age and stage of life.  Love and serve God among His creation.  Pray. Work. Love. Prop up the good!

NOTE:  You can go to this link at Focus on the Family’s “Be a Voice” and get inspiration, free resources, to fight for the lives of the unborn, and register for the Evangelicals for Life Conference.  It’s in Washington, but you can live stream some or all of it at home, in your pregnancy center, church, women’s or men’s group, for your office.