Ukraine: Refugee Update

Ukraine – Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance Center

6/8/2015 Possible escalation in Ukraine – latest news from the war zone in Ukraine from The Telegraph.  Remember, all donations received by EvanTell for Ukraine are sent directly to the SMSC pregnancy centers.  No money is retained by EvanTell.

Kharkov Pregnancy ASMSC donate button tealssistance Center Reports that a relationship with a local church to teach the Alpha course has deepened relationships with refugees.  Pregnant women and women with children under two years old are especially in need.  They are receiving diapers, food, hygiene items, baby necessities, and additional items needed by nursing mothers and small children.

Another church recently cooperated with the Kharkov center to host a concert called, “Heaven Sent,” where families were encouraged and received packages of materials that refugees need when they have to run for their lives.  This concert had special value for the people who attended.  Here’s a report from Lena Batina, center director, showing the effect of the program for one mother.:

According to statistics, 1/3 of displaced persons are children. What do they dream about? They dream about peace throughout the land, about happy families that have both a mother and a father, about a cozy home, where they can hear their mother’s song.  At the concert “Heaven Sent” the home-like atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, not only touched the hearts of the children, but also the older generation of mothers and grandmothers.

The post-Soviet countries brought forth a generation of mothers who never sang. This was not because the mothers did not love their children, but because they had to work to produce the communist state. Women were forced to place their children in daycare from the age of 3 months, and let the State educate them. It is amazing how the Lord knew in advance how this meeting would touch hearts that have been hardened and inconsolable. Through lullabies, the Lord has healed the people, in some cases opening floods of tears.

Tanya shared how her heart was touched: “These lullabies reminded me of the distant past. As she was cradling the baby, I felt that in her motherly arms she carried the whole life of her child.” Another woman was a grandmother, who cares for her young grandchildren. Her heart was touched by the gift given to her by these people she had never met.

Previous Ukraine Posts

Hukraines-war-zone-government-claims-new-advances-1-638elp SMSC Centers Serve Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing the War Zone

As the war in Ukraine intensifies, SMSC centers are responding by caring for hundreds of pregnant women, nursing women, and mothers with young children.  These families are fleeing the Donetsk area with almost nothing.  Many make their way to Kharkov, a city only about 4 hours northwest of the fighting.  UPDATE:  We made our first donation to the center on 3/23/15, and pray you will help us to complete another donation of $1,000 or more in a week.  Please do help!  100% of all funds donated go DIRECTLY to the center for immediate use with the refugees – no funds are retained by SMSC.

Ukraine_KharkovOur center partner has been serving refugee families with pregnant moms or infants and toddlers.  At first they saw 30-40 a month, then 30-40 families a week, and now 15 – 30 families a day!  Most refugees are passing through, heading for other locations – but they are hungry, frightened, and they believe the rest of the world has forgotten about them.  But God has not forgotten them.

Lena B We have been asked by Lena Batina, the founder and executive director of the center located in Kharkov to help them help the refugees God is sending to them by raising funds for packages of basic necessities to give the families.   100% OF ALL FUNDS DONATED GO DIRECTLY TO THE UKRAINE!  

 See the List HERE 

SMSC donate button teal

Please help meet emergency needs and supply our SMSC-trained center as they deliver mercy, grace, and the gospel.  
Help us help your sisters and brothers in Ukraine provide bread to eat, and the Bread of Life, for desperate refugees.   Read more here….

Photos below are from a concert Monday, 9 March, 2015, Kharkov, Ukraine.  to encourage refugees with music, share the gospel, and provide package of necessities.  Sponsored by Kharkov Pregnancy Assistance center and local church.  The church will follow up with families, and the pregnancy center will enroll those staying in the area for a parenting class.

Mothers hear Gospel messageSinging Lullaby Songs

IMG_4814_ packages

Above left, Sharing the gospel with families
Above right, Trio of ladies singing lullaby songs
Left, packages of necessities distributed to refugee families after concert


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