Prepared for Action! New Bible Study in 6 Sessions

SMSC folks can understand the Life Guards! This group of soldiers in Britain has performed their unique role for hundreds of years. The Life Guards’ specific duty is to protect the household of the monarchy of England – at this time, the Queen and her family.  They study.  They train.  They expect the unexpected.  They obey.  They go where they are called.

Wow!  Sounds like our job as a maturing Christ Follower!  Learn, train, pay attention, obey, and Go!   

Please grow with us as we study how God matures every Christ-follower who desires to be His disciple!  Every two weeks we’ll post a session of our new 6-Session Bible Study called:  Prepared for Action!    

We will dig into action-packed events, revelations, and experiences, described in Acts of the Apostles, and in 1 Peter.   These maturing experiences of the disciples and apostles show us how the Holy Spirit works in Christ-followers to help us grow in our love relationship with God and fulfill the purpose for which we are called!  

Just click on Prepared for Action Bible Study on the main menu bar, and it will take you to the introduction we posted today, February 9, 2014.  All the studies will be posted to the Prepared for Action! page.  All the studies will stay up, so people can begin at the beginning whenever they like.

Prepared for Action! is a labor of love!  Come grow together with us as we explore these encouraging stories from the Lord to show us how He grows us for the service to which we are called!  Praise God for His Teacher and Guide!