Marsha Middleton: Teaching SMSC Regional Training in Missouri – January 15, 2015

Marsha Middleton

Marsha Middleton, SMSC Master Instructor, and CEO of Alliance for Life, Missouri, will be conducting Save the Mother, Save her Child Regional Training in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on January 15, 2015.

Participate in the first SMSC Regional Training of 2015, at Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Center, Lee’s Summit, MO!

For registration and location details, click HERE.


  • What do we tell the non-Christian?
  • How to present the gospel
  • Overcoming Fear in Evangelism
  • In-Person Role Play
  • Turning a conversation to spiritual things
  • How to Create your Short Powerful Testimony
  • Handling Common Questions & Objections
  • How to use SMSC materials

Resources for Sanctity of Human Life Month – January, 2015

Baby from InsightMany of you read Pastor Charles Swindoll’s book on Sanctity of Human Life many years ago.  Since he wrote that book, he has continued to champion the cause of life as a precious gift of God for all people.  The worldwide ministry of Insight for Living has created this site to offer resources for Sanctity of Life in 2015.  Please take time to review these excellent resources!

God Loves You! Happy New Year!

Little girl 2015

 What Will You Trust the Lord to Do in 2015?

Share your comments with us for what you will be trusting God to do in 2015.  How do you feel your team is answering His call for your ministry of life, knowledge, communication, comfort, and hope with the people who come to your center for help in 2015.  We’d love to know what is on your heart so we can all pray for each other.