SEEING WHAT GOD SEES: Fighting Big Lie #3

When I was a little child, I thought I was who my parents said I was.  Then, I went through several years of my life where I listened to other people who defined who I was.  But then, I learned about the Big Lie, and understood the Truth, and now I know who I really am…

Big Lie #3 is:  You are only valuable if another person says you are. 

This Big Lie is the foundation for:

Racism – “You don’t look like us or talk like us; you eat different food; you wear odd clothes; even sing different songs – so who needs you.”

Class and age discrimination – “You’re no longer productive. We don’t need you; you’re a liability.”

Euthanasia — “You’re consuming resources a healthy person needs. You’re dispensable – surely you know that you should make room for healthy people.”

Discrimination against people with disabilities – “You’re not productive enough to meet our goals.”

Abortion – “You are a very, very small human and will make some demands on us that we don’t want to fulfill. You’re expendable.”

fighting dragonFight this Big Lie with all you’ve got!  This lie is always presented in ways that sound logical, but defy logic!  This is the lie that makes God out to be a liar and flies in the face of the bedrock of truth.

The Truth is:  God has entrusted His world to “everyday” people designed by Him with purpose for a purpose!   Every person has intrinsic value because GOD has already established the value of every human being who will ever be conceived. Each person’s DNA is designed for their purpose!  Each one matters to God!

God made us in HIS image for His purpose – we can think, and reason, imagine, and communicate, learn, and plan, and love.  He has a plan and purpose for each of us. Every one of His offspring is precious to Him. Read Genesis 1:26-31. We are “very good” workmanship! People can’t even know what a grand future God has for them without knowing Him, who He is, and what He has done for them!

A person’s true identity is realized when she trusts Christ alone for her salvation.

Present the gospel clearly, simply, with Biblical accuracy with every person you know. We have a simple approach May I Ask You a Question available in more than 50 languages!   When a woman doubts her value remind her!

No matter what her circumstances or situation – she personally matters to God!  He loves each person and knows exactly what is going on with each one.  He can help her get through life, no matter what!  Show her in the Bible!  Pray!  Be kind to her!  Fight for her!  Show her in the gospels what Jesus did!  How He lived!  How He suffered, and died for her, and lives again.  It will smash the Big Lie in little pieces.  Little useless, ridiculous pieces.

 God’s grace and the love of the Body of Christ smash the Big Lie!

Rally your troops!  People can live transparently. We don’t have to “measure up” in advance to get God’s approval!  He knows all about us, and loves us!  He loved us when we were a tiny, tiny speck of a human!

When we trust in Christ for our salvation we actually DO become a new creation and, over time, with reading the Bible, learning from other believers, and desiring to please God, we recognize that we are a new creation!

The Holy Spirit helps us to understand that we are free to love God and serve others!  We make better choices!  We learn to live in community with other people!  We can fulfill the purpose for which we were made!  When we are down we know people who will help us up! We go to Him for help – and He helps us!  Fight the lie.  Their lives depend on it!