Prayer for Unity in the Life Ministries

Mary Margaret prayed this prayer at the Care Net National Pregnancy Center Conference Raise Your Hand for Life Prayer Rally, October 9, 2012.  We decided it is as relevant for 2014 as it was then!  We ask you to join us in this prayer! 

Father, You are our sovereign and only God.  We see all around us Your inexhaustible love, even for people who don’t know anything about You, or may not even care about You.

We thank you, Father, for Your faithfulness and for our salvation through your Son, Jesus.  We thank you for Your generocity.  We thank you for Your gift of the Holy Spirit to all who trust Christ as their Savior.  We thank you for the great mystery of the Body of Christ, united as brothers and sisters.

Oh, God, we confess that we have not been united in love with each other.  We look so often at rational reasons to unite, rather than an open dependence on You to direct us!

Father, we have acted as if your great design for us, your children is NOT SUFFICIENT for today!  We fear people!  Even though it is really YOUR battle!  But we declare before You, Oh, God, that YOU are RIGHT and WE are WRONG!  Your design and Your love are perfect, true, and full of power!

We declare that we are united in the blood of Christ, in our salvation.  We are Your people!  When You created the world You made us YOUR KIND.  Like lions are a kind, and horses are a kind, and birds are a kind — diverse in their appearances, but alike in their own kind.

We humans are a KIND!  Blessed from the moment of our conception with Your image!  Given at once our identity!  And You gave us Your Son, born just like us — who lived in His mother just like we did!  HE IS OUR KIND!  Oh, God, you showed us in the incarnation of Christ that “Jesus is YOUR kind!  And this is how ALL of your kind are born!”  Every cell of His body divided and grew as our bodies grew.  You were saying to us, your children, “What is good enough for all of you is good enough for My Son!”

Tonight, Oh, God, we unite as one KIND in our flesh!  One KIND in our salvation!  One KIND in our future in Heaven…and one KIND in our sins.

So, Father, we come together tonight to lay at the cross our terrible sins.  We lay at the cross:
– Our racism against those of our own kind
– Our judgemental spirit
– Our lack of love
– Our pride in our own ideas and positions
– Our exclusivity in our ministries that keep us from cooperating with each other
– Our lack of faith in Your power, and
– Our determination to go-it-alone.
We bring all this to You, Oh, God, and we acknowledge and grieve over our sins.

We thank You for the blood of Christ which cleanses us from sins, even these grievous ones.  And now, Oh, God, we ask You to give us the desires of YOUR heart!  That we will love the lost ones and seek them out to share the gospel.  To share the JOY of our salvation, to save your moms, and your babies, and your dads!

Help us to stand fearless in the face of evil!  We say, “YES!” we are Your people!  We say, “YES! Your will be done!”  We who are YOUR KIND, made in Your image, say, “YES!” to each other!

In Jesus’ name, Abba, in Jesus’ name.  Amen