Take a 10 Minute Mission Trip With Us!


Please join us to share the gospel!  Take a 10-Minute Mission Trip with us to help a missionary share the gospel with someone who is making one of the toughest decisions of her life — a woman, or couple, facing an unplanned pregnancy!  Help us provide evangelism training and materials to people who will be helping her to cope!

Donate 35The Lord is calling more missionaries all over America to help at-risk families.  These missionaries work in faith-based pregnancy centers – local outposts of the Body of Christ.  Please join us on a 10-Minute Mission Trip to walk alongside these centers in their evangelism effort! 

Folks serving in over 700 centers  in the U.S. are trained and equipped through EvanTell’s Save the Mother, Save her Child® ministry.  We teach center staff and volunteers to share the gospel clearly and simply, with Biblical accuracy, in the context of a conversation focused on the client’s needs, and provide the materials needed to reinforce the gospel message.

iStock_000004701536XSmallIn a culture that does not value life or family, The Lord is sending more hurting people to the centers every day!   We are adding new centers to Save the Mother, Save her Child every week!  Many centers share the gospel with over 70% of the people who come through their doors!   By the end of 2013, the missionaries of SMSC-trained centers will have personally shared the gospel almost a million times!  People trust Christ for their salvation every day! Moms who trust Christ for salvation choose life for their babies every day! 

Help us continue to provide free, top-quality, customized evangelism training, client gospel materials, and new believer discipleship booklets, to every SMSC center!  SMSC centers have over 300,000 client visits each year!  Family members and friends come too!  We have to keep up with their needs!

       Will you help by becoming a $30-a-month SMSC Mission Team Member for a year? Or make a one-time donation of any amount as the Lord leads you?   It only takes 10-Minutes to start your Mission Trip!  The benefits last for eternity!    Donate  here:  https://evantell.org/Donation#/step1  and designate your gift for Save the Mother Save her Child.

We give God ALL the glory for the work He has done!  We pray you will travel with us to the families of America and receive the blessing of sharing in this great evangelism movement!

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