Finding a Safe Place in a Tough World


3 thoughts on “Finding a Safe Place in a Tough World

    • Yes, Emma. You can go to the Training Tab on the menu for this site and scroll down. The online training is described. Just click on the “Register” button and it will take you to our online training at our EvanTell site. Or you can just go to . Typically, center staff and volunteers take two classes: ACT Personal Evangelism Training and Save the Mother, Save her Child Training. If you are training many people in your center, or ministry teams or church members, there is instruction in how to set up a Group on that training page so you can see the information about your Group members who have taken training.

  1. I am the Executive Director of Care Net Pregnancy Centers of NNY. I have five staff and 24 volunteers. Lately many counselors have expressed frustration about sharing the gospel in the counseling room. Would you give me information about hosting a SMSC training in our town/center? We also have a satellite center and are due to open another in the spring. I appreciate your help.

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