New Creations in Training! the British army, the Life Guards, founded about 1660, is the senior regiment of the British Army who, with the Blues and Royals, form the Household Cavalry.  Hundreds of people see them every day as they march and ride their horses in parade at Buckingham Palace, but their work is not just ceremonial.    MORE…


The gospel . . . at the right moment, in the right way

Imagine over 1.8 million opportunities to share the gospel with women and their boyfriends or families visiting one of the 2,500 pregnancy centers in the United States.  Imagine each of them hearing a graceful presentation of the gospel presenting the assurance of hope and a future. Each woman trusting Christ is empowered to make decisions about her child through the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Save the Mother, Save her Child…


Train and equip the staff and volunteers of pregnancy centers (Center) to share the simple, clear gospel message with women and boyfriends or families who visit their center.


Partner with pregnancy center leaders around the country to use their existing infrastructure to train staff and volunteers so mothers in crisis receive the opportunity to trust Christ for their salvation.

  • Build relationships of trust and accountability with center network partners.
  • Train Center staff and volunteers at no expense to the Center through charitable contributions.
  • Provide free evangelism resources, tracts and follow-up materials at no cost to the center, tailored specifically to the Center environment.
  • Provide SMSC Certified Instructors throughout North America.


Save the Mother, Save her Child is a Community Ministry of EvanTell whose mission is to: Declare the Gospel, Clearly and Simply, Activate Believers Around the World, and Prepare Upcoming Generations to Reach the Lost

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