God Loves You! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Scene

Share the Gospel With Someone at Christmas
Using Just One Verse of Scripture

 Click here for a short video from Mary Margaret Gibson, EvanTell’s Ministry Director for Save the Mother, Save her Child.  Learn to share the gospel using just one verse from the Bible:  John 3:16.  Most of us know someone who needs to know how completely, unconditionally, God loves the people of the world, and how He proved it by sending His Son – and why we celebrate Christmas!

The gospel . . . at the right moment, in the right way

Imagine over 1.8 million opportunities to share the gospel with women and their boyfriends or families visiting one of the 2,500 pregnancy centers in the United States.  Imagine each of them hearing a graceful presentation of the gospel presenting the assurance of hope and a future. Each woman trusting Christ is empowered to make decisions about her child through the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

Save the Mother, Save her Child…


Train and equip the staff and volunteers of pregnancy centers (Center) to share the simple, clear gospel message with women and boyfriends or families who visit their center.


Partner with pregnancy center leaders around the country to use their existing infrastructure to train staff and volunteers so mothers in crisis receive the opportunity to trust Christ for their salvation.

  • Build relationships of trust and accountability with center network partners.
  • Train Center staff and volunteers at no expense to the Center through charitable contributions.
  • Provide free evangelism resources, tracts and follow-up materials at no cost to the center, tailored specifically to the Center environment.
  • Provide SMSC Certified Instructors throughout North America.


Save the Mother, Save her Child is a Community Ministry of EvanTell whose mission is to: Declare the Gospel, Clearly and Simply, Activate Believers Around the World, and Prepare Upcoming Generations to Reach the Lost

15 thoughts on “God Loves You! Merry Christmas!

  1. I am working with the muslim community here in South Africa and God has lead us to open the first Pro Life centre for the muslims here in SA.The description of your Pregnancy Centre where you assist and help and guide the people are great. The muslims are extremely ashamed of any wrongdoings and the name Save the mother ,save the child are very inviting and comforting. God is leading us daily what to do and what to avoid in the muslim community where i am a fulltime worker for Jesus Christ.
    Lots of blessings in Christ
    Dorothy Maree

    • Dorothy, we just found this comment and we apologize for being so very late in responding to you. We will contact you by your email to discover if there is anything specific we can provide for you. I know our pregnancy center network would be very interested in what you are doing in South Africa. Please send us more information and we will post it on the blog.

  2. I am the director of McDowell Pregnancy Care Center. I am an affiliate of Care Net. I would like to receive the free training and material that you offer to Pregnancy Resource Centers that are affiliates of Care Net. Could you let me know what I need to do to receive this information?

    Denise McCormick

    • Hi, Ann,
      Are any of you coming to the Care Net Conference in Dallas in September? We will train instructors there. We also have a list here in the office of Certified Instructors around the country who could come to your center to train you and your team. Please contact us directly at ehallquist@evantell.org . You can get access to the online evangelism training from the training section of this site – just click through — free, available 24/7.

  3. I received the CD from Care-Net when our pregnancy center became an affiliate. The links do not work when I click on them. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi, Marcia, did you get your CD earlier than June 15, 2014? We replaced and updated many things this year and sent Jennifer (Cindy Hopkins’ office) new material on a CD about a month ago, and she is now distributing that updated material. If you got yours awhile back, I’m not surprised that the dropbox URLs have changed…we did make a lot of updates! You could ask Jennifer for a new CD and, if you have the new one and it’s not working, please email me directly at mgibson@evantell.org and we’ll get you fixed up! Mary Margaret

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